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Burchett photo exhibit opens

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Wilfred Burchett

Wilfred Burchett

HA NOI — Photos of the Vietnamese people at war and in peace taken by Australian correspondent Wilfred Burchett are on display at an exhibition.
The exhibition of 100 photos, entitled Wilfred Burchett and Viet Nam, is organised at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Ha Noi to mark Burchett's 100th birthday and to introduce his photo book of Viet Nam.
Burchett, (1922-83), is one of the excellent journalists from the 20th century. He reported and analysed the progress of World War II in China, India and Asia-Pacific.
In late March of 1954, Burchett had a meeting with President Ho Chi Minh in a resistance base in northern Viet Nam to review the situation in Indochina. Since then, he spent many years reporting on the war in both the north and the south of the country.

His eight books about Viet Nam became best-sellers in Western countries and his articles and documentary films about the country drew international attention. He helped arouse the global community against wars in general and the American War in particular.  The displayed photos are selected from three of Burchett's photo albums about Viet Nam, namely The Northern Side of the 17 Parallel (1954-55), Guerrilla Warfare – Stories from Inside the Revolutionary Bases (1963-64) and The Northern Viet Nam (1966).

These photos reflect the daily life of the Vietnamese people, at war and in peace time, and the love and friendship of the author towards Viet Nam.

The exhibition also showcases pictures of Burchett while working in a hut, his moments with Vietnamese soldiers and local people as well as his family in Viet Nam.

All photos and documents are collected by Burchett's son, George Burchett. Born in Ha Noi, Burchett Jr has strong sentimental connections to the Vietnamese country and people due to impact of his father.

"My father considered his reporting from Viet Nam the most important in his career and the best documented in photographs and films. So it was only natural to organise such an exhibition in Viet Nam," Burchett Jr said.
"While selecting photos for the exhibition, I was impressed by the Vietnamese people who were always brave and optimistic despite a cruel war," he said.

On the occasion, George Burchett was presented For Peace and Friendship Among Nations medal of the Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organisations to honour his contributions to promoting the Viet Nam-Australia friendship and co-operation over past years.

"In Ha Noi, I feel at home and very happy," Burchett Jr said. "As an artist I also feel inspired and hope to soon translate my impressions into art. Thus I hope to keep alive my father's legacy and maintain the Burchett family's strong bond with Viet Nam and its people."
The exhibition is organised by the Vietnam News Agency and the Ho Chi Minh Museum. It will run until October 4 at 19 Ngoc Ha Street, Ba Dinh District.


Lasting legacy: A photo showing ethnic Thai children at Dien Bien Market is one of a 100 monochrome photos taken by correspondent Wilfred Burchett on display at the exhibition.

Lasting legacy: A photo showing ethnic Thai children at Dien Bien Market is one of a 100 monochrome photos
taken by correspondent Wilfred Burchett on display at the exhibition.


Source: http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/

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